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Really excellent resource. All the local restaurants buy from here so everything is guaranteed to be fresh (huge walk in fridge at the back of the shop). Service is excellent and the shop is always well stocked, you get everything here, it's a one stop shop for all your asian grocery needs and more. Fresh sweets from Germany, really good.
Owner knows all his products and when asked for recommendations makes excellent ones. If the rice is cheaper for him to buy he passes on the savings to the customers...I know...hard to believe right?...but it is true. Price went form 18chf to 16 chf and has been there for a year now.
Enough is really worth checking out, I am a loyal customer and intend to saty that way. Owner also sourced several items that are sold in the U.K, just need to convince him to get hold of some sweet paan now...(been hoping for 3 years now...bloomin' customs issues )

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